Cloud solutions for any business

It is our mission to make any business be able to integrate their data to the cloud. The cloud is the modern way to work out-of-office, safe and organised with a business' data. CtrlCloud removes the barrier of hiring an educated employee by offering a fixed price all-in cloud solutions subscription.

Benefits cloud subscription


 Full microsoft products support and integration (Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint ..)

 Cross platform integration (Access with phone, tablet, PC.. )

 Security ensurance (MFA, secure networks, rights structure AD..)

 Data flow automation with PowerApps

 Microsoft ensured data availability

 Enable safe remote access, working from home or while being mobile

 Regular data back-ups (safe against ransomware)

 Specialists in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

 Fixed price subscription with quarterly evaluation


CtrlCloud is ready to give any business insight into cloud solutions and what it can do for them. 

We are more than pleased to give you information about our IT solutions and what it could do for your business. Contact us to gather more information or arrange a meeting.